Speaking Their Peace: Personal Stories from the Frontlines of War and Peace

Colette Rausch
With a foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama
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Wars dehumanize. This book humanizes.

To those who have been silenced by the trauma of conflict, gagged by fear and conformity, or muted by the world’s indifference, this book gives a voice. And it is an unforgettable voice: powerfully, intimately human, heart-wrenching and heartwarming in equal measure, singing a song of horror and hope.

Packed with eighty riveting interviews from eleven conflict zones around the globe, Speaking Their Peace lets “ordinary” people tell their own extraordinary stories of life during wartime and their efforts to build a better, more peaceful life for themselves, their families, and their societies. This emotionally compelling book puts a human face on the news reports that usually skim the surface of the trauma of violent conflict.

Photos capture the diversity and personalities of the interviewees, while short profiles of each conflict provide background and context. (The conflict zones profiled are Afghanistan, Burma/Myanmar, Iraq, Kosovo, Liberia Libya, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, Sudan, and Yemen.) Teaching guides and a book club discussion guide are available for free online.

Speaking Their Peace will change the way you think about how people cope with war and the transition from war to peace. Click here to read about news and reviews of Speaking Their Peace.

Colette Rausch has spent twenty years participating in efforts to bring peace and stability to war-torn societies. She is the associate vice president for Governance, Law, and Society at the United States Institute of Peace.

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