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  • Roger and the book are mentioned in this USA Today article.
  • Roger was on Colorado NPR talking about the Russia Olympic ban.
  • Roger talks about the doping and the Olympics in the Christian Science Monitor.
  • Roger was a guest on the weekly Sports Psychology podcast, which focused on cheating in sports.
  • Roger was interviewed by CBC Radio Canada.
  • Roger and the book are mentioned in an article in the Detroit Free Press.
  • Roger was interviewed on the Laura Ingraham radio show.
  • Roger was quoted in The Atlantic.
  • Roger appeared on ABC Australia Radio, speaking about the topics in The Edge. Check out the write-up of the interview and listen to the audio here.
  • Roger’s interview on CBC Day 6, a Canadian radio show that focuses on current affairs, is featured on their website. Check out the excerpt and audio!
  • Roger appeared on Futureproof, Ireland’s only radio show about science. The interview was turned into a podcast, which you can listen to here!
  • Roger discussed his book in an interview with CBS Sports. Check out the audio and an excerpt.
  • Check out this piece about the 2016 Olympics from Simon Kuper, who wrote the introduction to The Edge.


  • “While Pielke is more than happy to offer solutions he seems more concerned with ensuring that people actually understand what the problems are in the first place… The Edge is a valuable read for the way it asks you what the actual problems are and challenges you to consider how far you are willing to go to resolve them. The answers may surprise some.” —Podium Cafe
  • “An informative and engaging read that enhances our knowledge of major challenges to the integrity of sport… There are diverse audiences this book can be valuable for… Yet, whoever the reader, there is little doubt that the author has succeeded in his intention that ‘people want to discuss [the book] at the dinner table.’”—London School of Economics Review of Books
  • “Fascinating…highly informative, thoroughly researched . . . this title will appeal to anyone interested in the ethics of sports and the continual evolution of the elite athlete.” —Booklist
  • “A great book on cheating, corruption, cutthroat world of elite sports…great stuff.” —Scott Ferrall, CBS Sports