The Edge: The War against Cheating and Corruption in the Cutthroat World of Elite Sports

Roger Pielke, Jr.

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How do sports stars break the rules in their search for a competitive edge?

Both entertaining and thought-provoking, The Edge not only visits the battlefields in the war against cheating and corruption, but also explores ways to ensure that “the spirit of sport” can survive in today’s high-tech, highly professional world.

Drawing on controversies straight out of the headlines, Pielke looks at doping, match fixing, fake amateurism, and other ways of breaking the rules. But are those rules—and the values they reflect—hopelessly outdated?

Wonderfully readable and scrupulously researched, The Edge blends science and journalism to produce an unforgettable account of sport in crisis.

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ISBN 978-1938901577 • $18.95

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