Out of the Box: The Highs and Lows of a Champion Smuggler


Julie McSorley and Marcus McSorley

Reg Spiers arrived in England in 1964 as a world-class athlete. He returned to Australia in a box, but that was only the start of his adventures.

Crazily impulsive, romantic, and free-spirited, Reg became a national hero for smuggling himself 13,000 miles home as air freight. But as his fame and sporting career faded, Reg decided to smuggle something very different. Soon he was on the run with his girlfriend, playing a cat-and-mouse game with police on three continents. A wild road trip across India and Africa—idyllic beaches and prison hellholes, shady friends and shadier cops, gun-toting militias and drug-running gangsters—led to a court room in Sri Lanka and the fight of his life. Could Reg beat the death sentence he’d just been given, or was this box too big to climb out of?

Julie McSorley is a freelance illustrator and writer. She lives in Spain with her husband and divides her time between writing and painting. Marcus McSorley is an actor who has done theater, short films, commercials, and a lot of Shakespeare. He lives on the same street where his father built the infamous box in 1964. They are the wife and son of John McSorley, who build the box for Reg in 1964.

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