Jimi Hendrix: London

  • “Manna from heaven . . . a book that is both detailed and informative, but accessible and readable at the same time.” —Older Is Wiser
  • “Written in a manner that is both attractive and easy to read… the chapters consist of bite-size chunks of information that traverse the dense and extremely productive period of one of the finest musicians ever to have graced the world… All nineteen chapters of Jimi Hendrix London have something of idiosyncratic interest to offer; to such a degree, in fact, that it will invariably entice even the most devout of Hendrix fans.”—David Marx
  • “William Saunders’ book is an invaluable addition to the Hendrix bookshelf, and an absolute godsend to anyone seriously interested in this lysergically glittering era. Here’s to a sequel exploring Hendrix’s New York!” —Charles Shaar Murray
  • “Wonderful book. Another well-detailed analysis of a chapter in Jimi’s life.” —Ken Voss, Voodoo Child, Jimi Hendrix Management Information Institute

Et cetera

  • “Hearing English spoken in England opened new possibilities of language for him” —Bill Saunders in an interview with Eliza Gales