Elvis Presley: Memphis


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Elvis and Memphis were a match made in heaven.

When he moved to Memphis in 1949, Elvis found the style, swagger, and music he would make his own. Within a few years, he was shocking and seducing the world with a mixture of moves and sounds he had first seen and heard in Memphis’s streets, churches, and bars. Once Elvis unleashed his brand of rock ‘n’ roll, nothing—not Elvis, not Memphis, not rock ‘n’ roll—would be the same again.

This book tells the story of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and his city. Mark P. Bernardo brings alive the places where Elvis lived and played—places such as the Peabody Hotel, the site of his senior prom; Sun Studio, where he cut his first singles; Lansky Brothers, where he bought his suits; and Ellis Auditorium, where he played his first show. As he describes Elvis’s spectacular rise and tragic fall, Bernardo visits almost fifty sites, including Graceland, where the King reigned with his wife, Priscilla, and where he died, way too soon, in 1977.

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Mark Bernardo is the former editor of Smoke magazine and has contributed to Overtime, Robb Report, Stratos, Stuff, and Trump World. He is the author of Mad Men’s Manhattan: The Insider’s Guide. He lives in Cold Spring, New York.

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