Bob Dylan: New York

  • “I hope you’ll slip into your back pocket Bob Dylan: New York by June Skinner Sawyers.  I’ve  had a close look at this one and just for fun, I recommend that you do too.”—Crawdaddy
  • “A good idea to read and fully contemplate June Skinner Sawyers’ Bob Dylan New York… [an] inviting and interesting book on the greatest songwriter this side of Lennon and McCartney.” –David Marx Book Reviews
  • “An amazing look at the early days of the legend and his regular haunts in Greenwich village.”
    Patriot newspaper
  • “No decent Dylan-head should wander the streets of lower Manhattan without this bio-travel guide.” —Rain Taxi Review of Books
  • “Perfect for those who wish to retrace the Bard’s footsteps.”–Mojo magazine
  • “An atmospheric history with enough detail to make you feel at home in Dylan’s world … downright refreshing.” –Generally Eclectic Review
  • An “informative and fanciful book.” –Curled Up With a Good Book
  • “A primer for those who are unfamiliar with Bob Dylan and a cherry atop a hot fudge sundae for those who can recite every lyric to every song.” –
  • “The author brings the Greenwich Village of the ’60s to life.” –
  • “Good for basic armchair amusement and for adding factoids to your Dylan-lore; as a Dylan fan . . . you’ll absolutely adore Bob Dylan New York.” –
  • “The perfect walking guide for anyone wanting to follow in Dylan’s footsteps. . . . Dylan called New York a magnet that draws people to it. For Dylan fans, this book will do the same.” –USA Today
  • “A must-read for any music fan visiting New York…both an entertaining story and an excellent practical guide.” –Suite 101

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