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Love on Trial: Our Supreme Court Fight for the Right to Marry


On April 28, Kris will receive the Distinguished Social Sciences Alumni award from UC Santa Cruz. Bookshop Santa Cruz will have signed copies of the book in stock!


  • “This is a very good book and a captivating good love story. That should not be lost in what the book also is — a ringside seat to a profound moment in our country’s history. While reading Love on Trial, I was full of hope and gratitude. Hope that everyone is as lucky to find a love like Kris and Sandy’s, hope that our country will continue to recognize and honor all love between two people equally and fully, and gratitude that they shared their story with the world. Kris and Sandy did not need to write this book but our country needed them to write it — to remind us that progress is not inevitable and that progress always has names, including forever theirs.” —Chelsea Clinton
  • “This is a story about love and family and the power of ordinary people to change the world.” —Cleve Jones
  • “Marriage is a dance. Each partner leads as the other follows. This book is a beautiful and important literary pas de deux about the landmark case for LOVE and MARRIAGE. Kris and Sandy have given us all a gift with their honest honoring of the institution they have fought so hard to have and to hold on to.” —Jamie Lee Curtis
  • “Kris and Sandy are truly profiles in courage. But they are also passionate and funny people, which is why not only do I love them, but I love ‘Love on Trial,’ a moving, inspirational, and funny book.” —Rob Reiner