The Conductor of Illusions

Illusions Cover

Metin Arditi

Translated by Alison Anderson

Alexis Kandilis is a sensation, an internationally known orchestra conductor who escaped an ugly childhood to become the darling of the media and the toast of European high society. But the glamor that surrounds him is brittle, as brittle as his grasp on reality. One false step propels him from the precipice of artistic fame into very dark skies.


This intricate psychological thriller glides through glittering concert halls and casinos, where the roulette wheel of adulation, manipulation, and rejection spins out of control. Can Kandilis, his illusions exposed and his life disintegrating, save himself from insanity?

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Writer, businessman, and music lover Metin Arditi is a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador. He lives in Geneva, Switzerland.

Alison Anderson is the author of the novels Hidden Latitudes and Darwin’s Wink. She has translated several novels, including Muriel Barbery’s bestselling The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

Cover illustration by Oliver Ray

ISBN 978-1-938901-20-1 • $15.95 print • $10.95 ebook

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