I Hate Martin Amis et al.

  • “A disturbing and darkly humorous novel with an intelligent, unsettling central character. . . .  A compelling story of the moral decay of a protagonist obsessed with control.”—Darien Thomas Bragg, The Blind Reading the Blind
  • “A devastating tour de force and a brilliant first novel. This is intelligent, provocative entertainment at its best.”—Jamie Maclean, Erotic Review
  • “The debut of the sort of whip-smart writer we need more of. Barry’s experience in copywriting has stood him in good stead. He has an assured, confident voice and knows how to write a snappy sentence. Zorec is a monstrous creation but one that needs to be talked about in an industry that has far more frustrated would-be geniuses than Martin Amises. That Barry has also provided a terrifying glimpse of a Balkan conflict no one seemed to understand is a stunning bonus.”—The Australian