I Hate Martin Amis et al.

Peter Barry

“A devastating tour de force . . . brilliant”
— Jamie McLean, Erotic Review I-Hate-Martin-Amis-Cover-671x1024

His literary ambitions frustrated, Milan Zorec decides to give himself something original to write about. It is 1995, and Zorec heads from London to the black heart of Europe’s most brutal war in half a century, the Bosnian War. There, he joins Serbian militia forces as a sniper and picks off civilians cowering in the besieged city of Sarajevo. Excited by the violence, seduced by the carnage, intrigued by the lost souls who are his comrades, Zorec finds the time to reflect on the power of words, the evils of the literary establishment, and the absurdities of modern culture and warfare.

Alternating between London and Sarajevo, this novel is a black, black comedy, an extremely twisted tale, a stunningly unconventional perspective on war crimes. Zorec is disgusting, but he’s also intelligent, eloquent, amusing, and even sympathetic. He sees the savagery and madness of those around him, but barely glimpses his own journey from dreamer to monster.


“Like Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, I Hate Martin Amis et al. is a disturbing and darkly humourous novel with an intelligent, unsettling central character.” —Darien Thomas Bragg, theblindreadingtheblind.wordpress.com

“A tensely written novel that stings like the hell it creates.” —Australian Book Review

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Peter Barry is an itinerant mongrel. He’s English, French, Irish, and a Channel Islander. Born in England, he was brought up in Scotland. He has lived in Edinburgh, London, Paris, and Sydney. Currently, he lives with his wife in Melbourne.

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