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The Deception Artist



  • “Fayette Fox takes adult readers into the mind of a child whose keen observations and honest interpretations make for an engaging and often humorous story. . . . The writing is beautiful and Ivy is hands-down one of the most memorable characters readers will experience in fiction”—Reader Views
  • “A wonderfully captivating story”–The Militant Recommender
  • “A quirky, charming debut, and Ivy’s perspective is beautifully captured.” —The Independent
  • “The characters in this novel are wonderfully brought to life, with both the children and adults being credibly voiced throughout … a captivating debut, and hopefully the first of many books from Fayette Fox.” —We Love This Book
  • “With sharp, witty prose and an utterly endearing and sympathetic heroine, The Deception Artist is a story that draws you in and has you rooting for its central character as if she were your eight-year-old self.”Stylist: Emerald Street
  • “The Deception Artist is told from Ivy’s perceptive and I loved being inside her eight-year-old mind. Ivy is artistic and has a fantastic imagination but she is also easily confused, which leads some great laugh-out-loud moments.”—Novelicious
  • “A funny and heartwarming novel which looks at the life of a typical Northern Californian family in the 1980’s recession through the eyes of an imaginative, adorable eight-year old. Ivy is one of the most beautifully sweet and intelligent children I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I definitely would have been friends with her if she’d gone to my school…I found Fayette Fox’s writing delicious to read.”–Bookhugger
  • “Ivy is a brilliant character and Fox writes her perspective incredibly naturally […] The Deception Artist is a very impressive debut. All the characters are complicated but overall sympathetic. Apart from anything else, a reader can’t help but fall for Ivy.”—The Bookbag